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The Power of Being a Likable Person

The Mortgage Industry is a powerful, interesting, stressful and yet exciting business. There is never any shortage of action happening, and there are no limits to how much one can grow as long as they are dedicated and motivated to do so. I feel as though no matter how long we’ve been in this industry and how much we feel we may know it, there is always so much more to learn — especially when it comes to the ever changing compliances and guidelines that keeps us all on our toes. Although these changes may be challenging, it is comforting to know that the mortgage industry is here to stay and there is no limit to its potential.

Though there are numerous industry roles and positions, each one is essential to complete and master the game. The saying “one hand cannot clap on its own,” illustrates the reliance needed from every player to complete the task at hand. What I have learned as I move up this complex yet rewarding ladder is that regardless of your position, it takes a common set of strengths to succeed.

The first is the ability to be likable. In order for a person to be likable, they should emulate integrity in everything they do. Integrity is the ability to do the right thing at all times regardless of the pressure at hand. People like and trust those with integrity and if others are not able to connect with you, it may impact their desire to do business with you. Being likable and trustworthy are not simply characteristic traits, but rather a choice; and developing these skills should become a tool that is utilized when dealing with those around you. We should all be striving to go in the same direction as we all want to grow and thrive in this industry, and our journey will be much more enjoyable if we are all cordial with those we interact with on a daily basis.

Furthermore, as we achieve success, it is important to remain humble, as the path to success is not always a straight one. Try never to burn any bridges, as you can never foreshadow the difficulties you may encounter along the way. Our industry is nationwide, which gives us the opportunity to work with others in various states, therefore being professional at all times and leaving a positive impression with each player is extremely important as you never know how you may be connected to someone. Always keep in mind that regardless of how big you perceive our industry to be, it is still a small world.

The second strength I would like to discuss is the importance and power of networking. Often times when we think about networking, we perceive it as an outlet that benefits us personally. However, in order to participate effectively, you must think of it as mutually beneficial relationships that are built on trust and time. In the end what is important is not the quantity of individuals you know, but the quality of individuals who know you! It is extremely important for you and your organization to remain on the minds of key members in this industry especially because it is quite a competitive one.

Continually strive to meet new people, and connect with them often — not only when you need them. Remember to send cards during the holidays, to keep in mind important life events that may have come up during conversation, and be sure to check in on them so they know you genuinely care about and are committed to the relationship you have developed. As mentioned above, people are more likely to do business with those that they like and trust, so building a healthy network of professionals who like and trust you is key to mastering the game.

One great way I have personally been able to network and stay present in this industry is by frequently attending the conventions hosted by the California Mortgage Banker Association. This has helped me not only cultivate an amazing network, but has really played a key role in how far I have been able to grow my business thus far. I have planted roots with the California MBA that have had a tremendous impact on my company; after all, if we don’t focus on building strong roots, we don’t have a strong foundation to fall back on and more importantly, to build on.

To conclude, I truly feel that focusing on these two important strengths — being likable and networking — will help any player in this industry (and other industries!) to succeed. Likable people are more likely to have favors granted to them, have valuable information provided to them, and believe it or not, be forgiven for their mistakes when needed. Being likable also goes hand in hand in networking as key individuals in any business are more likely to employ those who are recommended to them by others. Individuals who are likable have also been able to leverage their network successfully and be the first to be promoted and provided a raise. After all, everyone wants to surround themselves among those they admire and feel good around as it can’t be argued that positive energy is contagious!


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