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6 Quick and Easy Home Staging Tips

  1. Get rid of the clutter! I want you to focus on less is more for this one. Go through each room and eliminate furniture and items that are not needed but only adding clutter to the space. The more you are able to remove, the bigger you will make each room appear.

  1. Transform empty spaces into meaningful ones. Let’s be honest…we all have a room in our home that we use to keep all the miscellaneous items hidden away. It can be a tiny nook or an extra bedroom we’re simply not using the right way. When staging your home, turn that space into something the new buyer will consider as a bonus room. By adding a comfy arm sofa and reading table and lap, you can transform it into a cozy reading room. You can even transform the space into a home office by using some of that extra furniture you took out of your other rooms.

  1. Let the light in! Most homes have poor lighting making the space seem dark and uninviting. Make sure your rooms are all well lit by adding stronger watt light bulbs, adding floor lamps, or pot lights, etc.

  1. Don’t be afraid to accessorize. You can always add to a space by placing interesting pieces of art or decorative pieces either along the wall, along your fireplace or coffee and dining room tables. However, avoid lining things up and instead try to be creative and group items that mesh well together. Odd numbers also look better then even ones in this case.

  1. Bring in flowers to brighten up a space and that either add a pop of color to a room or compliment their surroundings. The arrangement does not have to be expensive at all, in fact, if you have flowers around your yard, feel free to use them!

  1. Improve what is there. Does your kitchen need a face-lift but you don’t have money in your budget to completely renovate it? No problem! There are other ways to give it a nice face lift. You can re-paint the cabinets a lighter and more neutral color and replace old hardware with new and modern ones for a temporary fix.

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Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Aug 31, 2022

I know from experience that this is really good advice. I would also like to add that any house should have direct waterproofing. Especially if it is in a humid climate. This will protect your home from moisture and rain.

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