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California MBA DE&I Podcast - Marlene Chaker, AAA Appraisal Management Company

It was an honor of mine to partake in the DE&I podcast series hosted by the gracious Linn Cook, OptifiNow. Linn thank you once more for having me as a guest and granting me a platform to share my story. As an immigrant and Founder and CEO of a Nationwide Women owned company, it has definitely been a challenge for me to grow my business in the mortgage industry.

But with hard word, dedication, persistence and lining myself up with the right people, I have been able to build and grow my business over the years. Without the California MBA and Mortgage Bankers Association, I would not have been able to do the above. The conferences and educational programs they provide have been key to my success. I’m humbled to say I’m making my way in this industry and I invite anyone who would like to join us, to please feel free to reach out to me!


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