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Host a successful OPEN HOUSE with these 5 TIPS!

Host a successful OPEN HOUSE with these 5 TIPS:

1- Be sure to advertise on all your social media outlets as your family and friends will be sure to share the news and help you spread the word.

2- Get an “Open House on …” sign and put it on your front lawn so people driving by can see and know about it.

3- Invite your neighbours to attend! They are more likely to call upon their family and friends who they want to move closer to them and encourage them to buy.

4- If you have hired an agent, don’t attend the open house so that visitors have the freedom to speak openly and ask questions.

5- Schedule your open house on Saturday-Sunday from 3-5 PM or later if possible. This will ensure you will have less competition with other open houses leaving home seekers the time to definitely take a look at your house!


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