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My trip to Washington DC and San Francisco

It’s been a busy summer at AAA-Appraisal Management Company, LLC. (AAA-AMC), and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve had a couple trips these last two weeks that I’m so excited to share with you!

My first trip was to Washington, DC where I had the pleasure of visiting Fannie Mae’s head quarters and what a thrilling and successful trip it was!

While there, I attended a lunch meeting with Fannie Mae’s Women’s Employee Resource Group (WERG). The luncheon was absolutely lovely and I was able to learn and take away valuable knowledge and information from each member that attended while getting the opportunity to share my story on how I was able to build my own company in our industry, AAA-AMC. We also discussed how AAA-AMC can assist with their projects and I couldn’t be happier to extend the knowledge I have obtained over the years in order to help this industry to continue to grow and thrive.

While in DC, I also had the honor of meeting with Eric Rosenblatt, Fannie Mae’s VP of Credit Risk Analytics and Modeling. Eric kindly showed me how the Collateral Underwriter system works and how they are able mange and use it.  I was quite amazed with the information and the cases that they deal with. We were able to discuss all the guidelines and the pros and cons that we are all currently facing in our industry.

I would really like to extend my gratitude to all the wonderful ladies of Women’s Employee Resource Group as well as to Eric for taking time out of their busy schedules to meet with me! I truly enjoyed my time at Fannie Mae and I look forward to continuing our collaboration to make this industry the best it can be!

Right after my trip to DC, members of my team and I attended the 44th Annual Western Secondary Market Conference of the California MBA. The conference was held at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, CA.  This is absolutely one of my favorite conferences to attend and I look forward to it yearly! The theme of the conference this year was focused on the importance of corporate culture to the success of today’s mortgage banker. As always, the conference was a success! One of the highlights of the weekend was our ability to meet with some of our existing clients as well as having the opportunity to meet with new clients that are planning to come on board with us!

While in San Francisco, I also completed an interview with John Seroka, Principal & Brand Strategist at Seroka Brand Development  and Strategic Communications. The interview was extended to a panel of companies who graduated from the first year of the Future Leaders Program provided by the California MBA. Here, I also had the opportunity to shed insight on how I first started my company and strategies I used in order to grow and develop it over the years. Thank you so much to the California MBA for hosting such an incredible event and to John Seroka for taking the time to interview me!

I look forward to what’s around the corner for AAA-AMC and we will keep you posted on all the fun, new and exciting things happening here on our end!

Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

Yours Truly,

Marlene C Minite

Founder-President of AAA Appraisal Management Company, LLC

Photos of my Trip to DC:

Photos of our trip to San Francisco:


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