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Now Hiring- In House Appraiser

Seeking Staff Appraiser

AAA Appraisal Management Company – Costa Mesa, CA


In this position you will be responsible for the oversight of various valuation functions. You will conduct quality control reviews of the valuations to ensure that all work has been completed in a timely and accurate manner, in accordance with company and Client specific guidelines as well as government and industry guidelines. Work in conjunction with the Department Supervisor to develop workflow processes while maintaining compliance with USPAP, FNMA, and other regulatory boards. These processes will include addendum from clients, appraisal disputes from clients, UW conditions as well as other escalated issues. This is a position that requires multi-tasking and the ability to prioritize.


  1. Reviews appraisals to confirm compliance and quality. Discuss with appraisers any shortcomings and obtain revised reports. Follow up to insure the timely receipt of the reports

  2. Keep clients updated with status and progress of files using excellent customer service

  3. Responsible for conducting and facilitating review, rejection and addendum requests of escalated valuation orders to ensure optimum client satisfaction

  4. Responsible to assist QC reviewers in resolving complex or escalated issues

  5. Responsible for ensuring that the vendors and clients are performing their duties as required by USPAP and other regulatory authorities

  6. Maintain a thorough understanding of all compliance & risk related topics outlined by regulatory authorities. Must stay abreast of changes in regulatory requirements to ensure overall compliance

  7. Ability to comprehend and adhere to Federal and State regulations, company policies and procedures

  8. Responsible to work with Department Supervisor to maintain processes and standard operating procedures for the quality review of the valuations orders to make enhancement recommendations

  9. Provides all support necessary to meet the regulatory requirement for appraisals

  10. Maintain state license and certification through necessary training, education and testing requirements

  11. All other duties as assigned by Department Supervisor


  1. State certification as a real estate appraiser (Two year minimum)

  2. FHA certification

  3. Maintain continuing education requirements

  4. The ability to meet deadlines, plan and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously

  5. Proven problem solving skills

  6. The ability to maintain a positive and professional business relationship with client, vendors and internal staff

  7. Computer skills including use of the Internet and Microsoft office programs; including but not limited to Excel, Word, appraisal management software as well as the ability to learn new software packages as necessary

  8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  9. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills

  10. Excellent customer service

  11. Extensive knowledge of appraisal and industry guidelines including but not limited to USPAP, Fannie Mae, FHA, Dodd-Frank

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