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Sleep Experiment

A few weeks ago, I left you all with a tip about setting an alarm to help you get to bed at night. I mentioned that myself and a member of my staff would be taking on this challenge to see if and how it affected our life.

First, we agreed to set our alarms to go off at 9 PM and to stop working, turn off the TV, put away our cell phones and dim all unnecessary lights in order to help our bodies relax and prepare to sleep by 10 PM.  However, what we both realized, is how difficult it was to break already set habits. I’m sure like all of us, you have a night time routine, your own way of unwinding and enjoying the last few hours of the day doing something you enjoy. Because of that, we both found it difficult to do this exercise each night that we were meant to.

However, on the nights that we were able to be in bed by 10PM, we woke up feeling much more rested and found that we had a little more energy throughout the day. We both will continue to try and implement this every night that we have to opportunity to do so until it becomes our official routine.

In conclusion, we definitely do recommend that you all try this but we encourage you to be patient and not be discouraged when it doesn’t work every night. It will absolutely take some time to break old habits and replace them with new ones but this is one we can see being beneficial in the long run.


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