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Problem Solving Earns Trust

Crossing out problems and writing solutions on a blackboard.

I always want my clients to be happy and feel proud to be working with me. My favorite days are those when I am able to solve a problem for them.

Our AMC has a “boutique” feel by choice.  We enjoy being hands-on in the day-to-day operations and this often times requires problem solving. This is truly what sets our AMC apart from others. Here is an example of a recent predicament and how we resolved it for the client.

We handled an appraisal for a loan that ended up looking like it would not go through due to difficulties on the lender’s side. A few weeks later the account manager called me at 2:00 pm informing me they wanted to fund this loan by next day, however they’d never ordered the re-inspection, because they didn’t believe they’d be able to fund the loan.

I reached out to the appraiser who wrote the original report. When I finally reached him, he was on the road and was not sure he’d be able to re-inspect the property and provide a new report by the 4:00 pm deadline. I told him I would do anything he needed to help him and we would absolutely be able to finish this by 4:00 pm.  So, while he was on the road, I continued to call him and feed him the information on the report that he needed. He and I dropped everything for the client and we saved the loan for the lenders.  The entire lending office was thrilled that we were able to solve this crisis and I was moved by the many thank you messages I received.

Trust is what keeps our clients coming back and I have earned the trust of my clients because I always go out of my way to get the job done. I love the feeling that I get from making a difference in this business and I am extremely proud of my team for their equaled commitment to customer service.

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