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Weekly Tip: Professional Rapport Goes a Long Way!

Do you ever have those days where you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, then you can’t find your keys and even worse, you spill your coffee all over yourself just minutes before pulling up to the office? Maybe you just had a really nasty break up the night before or your friend is really upset with you for missing their party. Whatever it may be, we all have things going on in our life that upset us, cause us plenty of stress and put us in downright awful moods. But what’s not cool, is when we bring that negativity  with us to work and dump it on our colleagues, especially when we see them more than our family and friends. It’s even worse when we take it out on our clients, customers, vendors, etc.  Nothing is worse than someone responding to our e-mail or inquiries in a rude way.  We should always try to remain professional , be polite, and maintain our manners; especially in a work environment. Burning down bridges because we couldn’t control our temper is something we would definitely regret down the road. Now let’s go have a great week everyone!


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