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Attending the Legislative Day Conference with California MBA

Just last week I had the honor of attending the Legislative Day Conference with the California MBA group in Sacramento, California. This was my very first time attending this conference and it was such an interesting and eye opening experience. Going there, I knew that we would be hearing from the individuals who are responsible of our compliance and guidelines, but little did I know that I would also have the privilege to personally meet and speak with them.

After we had learned about the new bills being passed, we were grouped into groups of 4-6 individuals and each group was able to walk over to the Capital and meet with the different Senators present and introduce ourselves, our business and explain what we did and where our business was located. We also had the opportunity to express how each bill being passed would impact our business as well as the industry as a whole.

I felt fortunate that our meetings were successful and that the senators we met with were very interested to hear from us and meet with us, especially after hearing that some other group’s meetings were not as successful.

I’m really thankful for the California MBA and the role that they play in assisting us to stay connected to key individuals in our industry and especially for their commitment to help our businesses grow and flourish.


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